Food choices and eating patterns can affect whether your child has problems like tooth decay and cavities. A healthy dietthat limits sugary beverages and snacks isgood for overall well-being as well as forhealthy teeth. A steady supply of sugary foods and drinks,including sports drinks, sodas,and energy drinks, can damage teeth. Acid from sugary foods and drinkscan attack teeth for 20 minutes or longer.Over time,tooth decay can happen and cavities can form. Offer water when your child is thirsty andnutritious foods such as fruit,carrot sticksor cheese if your child is hungry. These arehealthier options than giving them cookies, candy, potato chips, and other sweet orsticky foods. Save sweets as an ending formealtime,when the mouth makes moresaliva to help rinse out food particles. Be aware that constant snacking, even snacking on nutritious foods like orangesand dried fruit, can increase risk of cavitiesbecause it means teeth are exposed to acid throughout the day.