Quality Kids Love and Parents Trust
Quality Kids Love and Parents Trust
It is not about how many patients we see, it is about how many patients we have provided with quality care

When it comes to the dental care of children, the first thing coming to the mind of every caring parent probably is how the child will take it. A soothing environment, considerate assistants, experienced doctor, and prospective prizes will help in creating a pleasant pediatric dental office experience. That is exactly what our Plano pediatric dental office strives for. From our special pediatric dentistry office designs to our children focused communication style, we believe in providing a smile at a time to establish a lifelong foundation for the dental health of your child.

Our Plano pediatric dentistry practice specializes in comprehensive dental care for infants, children, and teenagers. We strive to provide a pleasant dental experience for the children (and the accompanying parents). More importantly, we focus on establishing preventive dental health habits that keep a child free from dental disease. We aim at prevention, early detection and treatment.

The practicing doctors, Dr. Jennifer Su and Dr. Young Choi, are board certified pediatric dentist
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Logo providing dental care for children from age 0 to 16. They went through 2 years advanced and rigorous pediatric dentistry training beyond normal dental school education and has been specializing in dental care for children only.

The office provides Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), in clinic oral/IV sedation dentistry, and general anesthesia based hospital dentistry for needing patients.

American Dental Association Logo Our Plano pediatric dentistry office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including panoramic radiography and digital intraoral sensors to reduce radiation exposure and increase comfort levels for the children. Our office is also equipped with toys, books, video games and movies for the children to relax while waiting.

At A Smile Pediatric Dentistry, we provide the following services and more

  • Dental Exam
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Sealants
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Baby Tooth Root Canal Treatment
  • Space Maintainers
  • Pedi-Partials
  • Laughing Gas
  • Oral Sedation Dentistry
  • IV Sedation Dentistry
  • Hospital Dentistry